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Keyboard shortcuts for SQL workspace

Firebolt supports the following keyboard shortcuts in the SQL workspace.

Function Keyboard shortcut
Select all Ctrl-A
Go to line Ctrl-L
Find next Ctrl-K
Find previous Ctrl-Shift-K
Select or find next Alt-K
Select or find previous Alt-Shift-K
Find Ctrl-F
Select to start Ctrl-Shift-Home
Go to start Ctrl-Home
Select up Shift-Up
Go line up Up
Select to end Ctrl-Shift-End
Go to end Ctrl-End
Select down Shift-Down
Go line down Down
Select word left Ctrl-Shift-Left
Go to word left Ctrl-Left
Select to line start Alt-Shift-Left
Go to line start Alt-Left | Home
Shift left Shift-Left
Go to left Left
Select word right Ctrl-Shift-Right
Go to word right Ctrl-Right
Select to line end Alt-Shift-Right
Go to line end Alt-Right | End
Select right Shift-Right
Go to right Right
Select page down Shift-Pagedown
Go to page down Pagedown
Select page up Shift-Pageup
Go to page up Pageup
Scroll up Ctrl-Up
Scroll down Ctrl-Down
Select line start Shift-Home
Select line end Shift-End
Remove line Ctrl-D
Duplicate line Ctrl-Shift-D
Toggle comment Ctrl-/
Modify number up Ctrl-Shift-Up
Modify number down Ctrl-Shift-Down
Replace Ctrl-H
Undo Ctrl-Z
Copy lines up Alt-Shift-Up
Move lines up Alt-Up
Copy lines down Alt-Shift-Down
Move lines down Alt-Down
Delete Del
Backspace Shift-Backspace | Backspace
Cut or delete Shift-Delete
Remove to line start Alt-Backspace
Remove to line end Alt-Delete
Remove to line start hard Ctrl-Shift-Backspace
Remove to line end hard Ctrl-Shift-Delete
Remove word left Ctrl-Backspace
Remove word right Ctrl-Delete
Indent Tab
Block indent Ctrl-]
To uppercase Ctrl-U
To lowercase Ctrl-Shift-U
Expand to line Ctrl-Shift-L
Add cursor above Ctrl-Alt-Up
Add cursor below Ctrl-Alt-Down
Add cursor above, skip current Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Up
Add cursor below, skip current Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Down
Select more before Ctrl-Alt-Left
Select more after Ctrl-Alt-Right
Select next before Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Left
Select next after Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Right
Find all Ctrl-Alt-K