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Removes all specified characters from the start, end, or both sides of a string. By default removes all consecutive occurrences of common whitespace (ASCII character 32) from both ends of a string.


TRIM( [LEADING | TRAILING | BOTH] <trim_character> FROM <expression>)


Parameter Description Supported input types
LEADING | TRAILING | BOTH Specifies which part or parts of the <expression> to remove the defined <trim_character>. If unspecified, this defaults to BOTH.

LEADING - trims from the beginning of the specified string

TRAILING - trims from the end of the specified string.

BOTH - trims from the beginning and the end of the specified string.
<trim_character> The characters to be removed. TEXT
<expression> The string to be trimmed. TEXT

Return Type



In the example below, no part of the string is specified for TRIM, so it defaults to BOTH.

	TRIM('$' FROM '$Hello world$') AS res;

Returns: Hello world

This next example trims only from the start of the string because the LEADING parameter is specified.

	TRIM( LEADING '$' FROM '$Hello world$') AS res;

Returns: Hello world$