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TO_MONTH (legacy)

You are looking at legacy documentation for Firebolt’s deprecated date and timestamp type functions. New types were introduced in DB version 3.19 under the names PGDATE and TIMESTAMPNTZ, and made generally available in DB version 3.22.

If you worked with Firebolt before DB version 3.22, you might still be using the legacy date and timestamp types. Determine which types you are using by executing the query SELECT EXTRACT(CENTURY FROM DATE '2023-03-16');. If this query returns an error, you are still using the legacy date and timestamp types and can continue with this documentation, or find instructions to use the new types here. If this query returns a result, you are already using the redesigned date and timestamp types and can use the EXTRACT function instead.

Converts a date or timestamp (any date format we support) to a number containing the month.


Parameter Description
<date> The date or timestamp to be converted into the number of the month.


For Tuesday, April 22, 1975:

	TO_MONTH(CAST('1975/04/22' AS DATE)) AS res;

Returns: 4