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Evaluates a provided query parameter and returns its value as TEXT.


Parameter Description Supported input types
<parameter> Constant string containing the name of the query parameter to evaluate. TEXT

Return Type


Specifying query parameters

To pass query parameters to the query, you must specify a request property named query_parameters. The PARAM function looks for this request property and expects a JSON format with the following schema:

query_parameters: json_array | json_object
json_array: [ json_object,  ]
json_object: { name : parameter_name, value : parameter_value }

You can include a single query parameter in the request properties, for example:

{ “name”: “country”, “value”: “USA” }

or multiple query parameters:

[ { “name”: “country”, “value”: “USA” }, { “name”: “states”, “value”: “WA, OR, CA” }, { “name”: “max_sales”, “value”: 10000 } ]


With query parameters set as:

{ "name": "level", "value": "Drift" }

the query below counts the number of “Drift” type levels:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS level_count FROM levels WHERE leveltype = PARAM('level')

Returns: | level_count | | :————- | | 2 |