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The MIN_BY function returns the value of the specified <expression> column at the row with the minimum value in the specified <value> column.

If there is more than one of the same minimum value in <value>, then the first occurring will be returned.


MIN_BY(<expression>, <value>)


Parameter Description Supported input types
<expression> The column from which the value is returned Any type
<value> The column that is search for a minimum value Any string, numeric or date/timestamp type

Return Types

Same as input type of <expression>


For this example, see the following table, tournaments:

name totalprizedollars
The Drift Championship 22,048
The Lost Track Showdown 5,336
The Acceleration Championship 19,274
The French Grand Prix 237
The Circuit Championship 9,739

In the example below, MIN_BY is used to find the tournament with the lowest total prize.

	MIN_BY(name, totalprizedollars) as minprizetournament

Returns: The French Grand Prix