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The same as MATCH, but it searches for a match with one or more more regular expression patterns. Returns 0 if none of the regular expressions match and 1 if any of the patterns match.



MATCH_ANY(<expression>, <pattern>)


Parameter Description Supported input types
<expression> The string to search for a match. TEXT
<pattern> A series of one or more regular expression patterns to search for a match in the <expression>. TEXT

Return Types

  • Returns 0 if there are no matches between <expression> and any of the regular expressions in <pattern>
  • Returns 1 if there are matches between <expression> and any of the regular expressions in <pattern>


<pattern> must be enclosed in brackets. Each pattern must be enclosed in single quotes and separated with commas. For example, the <pattern> series below consists of two regular expression patterns: [ '\\d+', '\\[a-Z|A-Z]' ]


The query below searches for any matches within the string 123 with the patterns ['\d+','\[a-Z|A-Z]']. Since at least one is found, it returns: 1

	MATCH_ANY('123', [ '\\d+', '\\[a-Z|A-Z]' ]) AS level;

Returns: 1