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Returns the element at a location <index> from the given array. <index> must be any integer type. Indexes in an array begin at position 1.


ELEMENT_AT(<arr>, <index>)
Parameter Description
<arr> The array containing the index.
<index> The index that is matched by the function.
Negative indexes are supported. If used, the function selects the corresponding element numbered from the end. For example, arr[-1] is the last item in the array.


	ELEMENT_AT([ 1, 2, 3, 4 ], 2) AS res;

Returns: 2

In the example below, ELEMENT_AT is paired with ARRAY_SORT to reorder the array before grabbing the specified element. ARRAY_SORT orders the arrays in ascending order by the elements in the second array [ 3, 7, 4 ]. Upon being sorted, that array is reordered to [ 3, 4, 7 ] while its associated array [ 'red', 'green', 'blue' ] is reordered to [ 'red', 'blue', 'green' ]. ELEMENT_AT then returns the element at index -1, which is now green.

		ARRAY_SORT(v, k -> k,
			[ 'red', 'green', 'blue' ],
			[ 3, 7, 4 ] ),
    AS res;

Returns: 'green'