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You are looking at the documentation for Firebolt’s redesigned date and timestamp types. These types were introduced in DB version 3.19 under the names PGDATE, TIMESTAMPNTZ and TIMESTAMPTZ, and synonyms DATE, TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMPTZ made available in DB version 3.22.

If you worked with Firebolt before DB version 3.22, you might still be using the legacy date and timestamp types. Determine which types you are using by executing the query SELECT EXTRACT(CENTURY FROM DATE '2023-03-16');. If this query returns a result, you are using the redesigned date and timestamp types and can continue with this documentation. If this query returns an error, you are using the legacy date and timestamp types and can find legacy documentation here, or instructions to use the new types here.


Returns the current (local) date in the time zone specified in the session’s time_zone setting.


The function can be called with or without parentheses:


Return Type



The function takes the current Unix timestamp (in the UTC time zone), converts it to the time zone specified in the time_zone setting, extracts the date part, and returns it as a DATE value. Two simultaneous calls of the function can return different dates, due to time zone conversion.


The following example assumes that the current Unix timestamp is 2023-03-03 23:59:00 UTC. Observe how we return different dates with different time zone settings:

SET time_zone = 'Europe/Berlin';
SELECT CURRENT_DATE;  --> 2023-03-04

SET time_zone = 'America/New_York';
SELECT CURRENT_DATE;  --> 2023-03-03