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Similar to TRY_CAST, CAST converts data types into other data types based on the specified parameters. If the conversion cannot be performed, CAST returns an error. To return a NULL value instead, use TRY_CAST.


CAST(<value> AS <type>)
Parameter Description
<value> The value to convert or an expression that results in a value to convert. Can be a column name, a function applied to a column or another function, or a literal value.
<type> The target data type (case-insensitive).


SELECT CAST('1' AS INT) as res;

Returns: 1

CAST can also be done by writing the format before the object, for example - select date '2022-01-01' , select timestamp '2022-01-01 01:02:03'.

CAST can also be done by using the :: operator. For more information, see :: operator for CAST.