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Updates the configuration of the specified engine <engine_name>.


ALTER ENGINE <engine_name> SET
    [SCALE = <scale>]
    [SPEC = <spec>]
    [AUTO_STOP = <minutes]
    [RENAME TO <new_name>]
    [WARMUP = <warmup_method>]
Parameter Description
<engine_name> Name of the engine to be altered.
SCALE = <scale> Scale determines the number of nodes that the engine uses, and can be an integer ranging from 1 to 128.
SPEC = <spec> The engine spec defines the engine’s compute capabilities. Each engine spec has CPU, RAM, and cache characteristics. The engine spec determines the cost per hour (billed per second) for each engine node (the total engine cost per hour is also a function of scale). You can choose engine specs for characteristics that are best suited for your Firebolt workload. For details, see Available engine specs.
AUTO_STOP = <minutes> The number of minutes after which the engine automatically stops, where 0 indicates that AUTO_STOP is disabled.
RENAME TO <new_name> Indicates the new name for the engine.

For example: RENAME TO new_engine_name
WARMUP =<warmup_method> The warmup method that should be used. The following options are supported:

MINIMAL On-demand loading (both indexes and tables’ data).

PRELOAD_INDEXES Load indexes only.

PRELOAD_ALL_DATA Full data auto-load (both indexes and table data - full warmup).

Example–change engine scale