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SQL commands

Use the alphabetical list in the navigation pane to find the syntax for commands that you already know.

Use the functional list below to find commands for a specific task area that you’re working in.

  • Engines
    Start, stop, and manage Firebolt engines.

  • Data ingest and movement
    Move data between your data lake and Firebolt, and betweeen Firebolt resources.

  • Database objects
    DDL. Create, alter, drop, and otherwise manage objects like databases, tables, and views in your Firebolt account.

  • Data manipulation
    DML. Update data or delete data from tables in your Firebolt account.

  • Queries and query optimization
    Analyze data with SELECT. Tune and optimize query performance with other commands.

  • Information schema
    Query the Firebolt information schema for metadata related to Firebolt objects and resources.


Data ingest and movement

Database objects

Data manipulation

Queries and query optimization