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Release notes

Firebolt continuously releases updates so that you can benefit from the latest and most stable service. These updates might happen daily, but we aggregate release notes to cover a longer time period for easier reference. The most recent release notes from the latest version are below.

Firebolt might roll out releases in phases. New features and changes may not yet be available to all accounts on the release date shown.

DB version 3.30

November 2023

New features

New comparison operators

New comparison operators IS DISTINCT FROM and IS NOT DISTINCT FROM have been added.

Enhancements, changes and new integrations

Support for nullable arrays

Support has been added to allow the ANY_MATCH lambda function to work with nullable arrays.

Resolved issues

  • Indirectly granted privileges have been removed from the information_schema.object_privileges view.

  • Fixed an issue where ARRAY_FIRST and ARRAY_FIRST_INDEX returned an error if the given input was nullable.