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Loading data

Loading data into Firebolt is described in the Getting started tutorial and consists of three steps.

  1. Create an external table as a connector from Firebolt to your external data source. For more information, see Working with external tables. In the table definition, you specify credentials that allow Firebolt to read from the data source. For more information, see CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE and Using AWS roles to access S3. Data that you ingest must be in an Amazon S3 bucket in the same AWS Region as the Firebolt database. For available Regions, see Available AWS Regions.

  2. Create a fact or dimension table to store the data in Firebolt to be queried. For more information, see Working with tables.

  3. Use an INSERT INTO command using a general purpose engine to load data from the external data source into the fact or dimension table. For more information, see INSERT INTO.

For information about using Apache Airflow to incrementally load data chronologically, see Incrementally loading data with Airflow.