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Connecting to Keboola

Keboola is a cloud ETL / ELT platform for interconnecting diverse data sets. It is used to extract and manipulate varied data sets and write the results to a destination system.

When integrated with Firebolt, Keboola is used to funnel data to the AWS S3 bucket that is used for staging your Firebolt databases.

To get started

We recommend that you follow the guidelines for Keboola’s suggested configuration for Firebolt


Keboola requires the following credentials to work with Firebolt:

Parameter Description
Username Your Firebolt username / email
Password Your Firebolt password
Database Name The identifier for your Firebolt database
AWS API Key ID An AWS key to access your database. You can create these credentials by following the AWS guide. We advise against using AWS root access when integrating Keboola for Firebolt. For security reasons, it is better to set up a dedicated AWS user role for Keboola. For help setting up an AWS user role and policies, please see this Keboola guide.
AWS API Key Secret The secret access key for accessing your database. You can obtain this key by following the same steps as the AWS API Key ID
AWS Staging Bucket The name of your AWS S3 bucket.

Firebolt’s connector with Keboola will use the designated default engine for your database.

Firebolt identifiers normally evaluate all identifiers as lowercase characters, however some integrated Keboola data sources could have case-sensitive requirements. In this scenario, you can use double quotes to ensure case-sensitive identifiers. For more information, please see Firebolt’s identifier requirements.