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Connecting Tableau to Firebolt

Tableau is a leading data visualization and business intelligence platform that allows anyone to see and understand their data. When connected to Firebolt, Tableau delivers sub-second query speeds on live connections, thus enabling truly interactive analytics experiences without needing to compromise on data volume, freshness, or latency.

Getting started


To connect to Firebolt from Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Prep, you must install the Firebolt connector. The instructions to do so can be found in the Tableau Exchange here.

Creating a connection

Once the connector is installed, you can create a new connection to Firebolt from Tableau via Connect > More > Firebolt Connector by Firebolt. The following fields are used to establish the connection.

Connection Fields

Field Required Description
Server Yes The host to connect to, which is
Engine No The name (not the URL) of the Firebolt engine to use. If omitted, the default engine will be used.
Account No Your Firebolt account.
Database Yes The name of your Firebolt database.
Username Yes Your Firebolt username.
Password Yes Your Firebolt password.

Supported Features

The Firebolt Connector for Tableau currently supports Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Prep. Support for Tableau Online is planned but not yet available.