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Returns the value of the specified <expression> column at the row with the maximum value in the specified <value> column.

If there is more than one of the same maximum value in <value>, then the first occurring will be returned.


MAX_BY(<expression>, <value>)


Parameter Description Supported input types
<expression> The column from which the value is returned Any type
<value> The column that is search for a maximum value Any string, numeric or date/timestamp type

Return Types

Same as input type of

Return Types

The return types for this function includes CHAR, NUMERIC, REAL, and DOUBLE PRECISION.


For this example, see the following table, tournaments:

name totalprizedollars
The Drifting Thunderdome 24,768
The Lost Track Showdown 5,336
The Acceleration Championship 19,274
The French Grand Prix 237
The Circuit Championship 9,739

In the example below, MAX_BY is used to find the tournament with the highest total prize.

	MAX_BY(name, totalprizedollars) as maxprizetournament

Returns: The Drifting Thunderdome