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Information schema for engines

You can use the information_schema.engines view to return information about each engine in an account. The view is available for each database and contains one row for each engine in the account. You can use a SELECT query to return information about each engine as shown in the example below, which uses a WHERE clause to return all engines attached to databases that begin with deng.

  attached_to ILIKE 'deng%'

Columns in information_schema.engines

Each row has the following columns with information about each engine.

Name Data Type Description
engine_name TEXT Name of the engine.
region TEXT AWS Region in which the engine was created.
spec TEXT Specification of nodes comprising the engine.
scale INTEGER Number of nodes in the engine.
status TEXT Engine status. For more information, see Viewing and understanding engine status.
attached_to TEXT Name of the database to which the engine is attached.
version TEXT Engine version.
url TEXT Engine url.
warmup TEXT Warmup method of the engine.
auto_stop BIGINT Engine auto stop in seconds.
engine_type TEXT Type of the engine.