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Information schema for indexes

You can use the information_schema.indexes view to return information about each index in a database. The view is available for each database and contains one row for each index in the database. You can use a SELECT query to return information about each index.

The following query returns all aggregating indexes defined within the current database


Columns in information_schema.indexes

Each row has the following columns with information about the database.

Column Name Data Type Description
table_catalog TEXT Name of the catalog. Firebolt provides a single ‘default’ catalog.
table_schema TEXT Name of the database.
table_name TEXT The name of the table for which the index is defined.
index_name TEXT The name defined for the index.
index_type TEXT One of primary or aggregating.
index_definition TEXT The portion of the index statement that defines the columns and aggregations (if applicable) for the index.
index_compressed_size BIGINT The compressed size of the index (in Bytes).
index_uncompressed_size BIGINT The uncompressed size of the index (in Bytes).