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Information schema for engine running queries

You can use the information_schema.engine_running_queries view to return information about queries currently running in a database. The view is available in each database and contains one row for each running query in the database. You can use a SELECT query to return information about each running query as shown in the example below. The table is limited to contain at max 10’000 queries per engine cluster.


Columns in information_schema.engine_running_queries

Each row has the following columns with information about each running query.

Column Name Data Type Description
account_name TEXT The name of the account in which the query was executed.
user_name TEXT The user that executed the query
submitted_time TIMESTAMPTZ The time when the query was submitted by a user (UTC)
start_time TIMESTAMPTZ The query execution start time (UTC).
duration_usec BIGINT The elapsed time in microseconds between <START_TIME> and the time that the query over information_schema.engine_running_queries returns results.
status TEXT The status of the query.
query_label TEXT User provided query label (query_label parameter)
request_id TEXT The ID of the request from which the query originates.
query_id TEXT The query id of this query.
query_text TEXT Text of the SQL statement.
scanned_rows BIGINT The number of rows scanned to return query results.
scanned_bytes BIGINT The number of bytes scanned from cache and storage.
inserted_rows BIGINT The number of rows written
inserted_bytes BIGINT The number of bytes written.
retries BIGINT The total number of retries to execute a given query after a failure (by default, the number of retries is 0 and the number increases with each retry)