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Information schema for accounts

You can use the information_schema.accounts view to return information about accounts.

You can use a SELECT query to return information about each account, as shown in the example below.


Read more about managing accounts here.

Columns in information_schema.accounts

Each row has the following columns with information about the account.

Column Name Data Type Description
account_name TEXT The name of the account.
organization_name TEXT The name of the organization to which the account belongs.
region TEXT The region in which the account can be used.
url TEXT The account login page URL.
account_id TEXT The unique account ID.
created TIMESTAMP Time (UTC) that the account was created.
account_owner TEXT The name of the login that created the account.
last_altered TIMESTAMP Time (UTC) that the user was last edited.
last_altered_by TEXT Name of the last user to edit the role.