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Returns a percentile over a partition for an ordered data set. The result is equal to a specific column value, the smallest distributed value that is greater than or equal to the percentile specified.

PERCENTILE_DISC is available as a Window function. See also PERCENTILE_CONT, which calculates an interpolated result over a partition, rather than matching any of the specific column values. For more information on usage, please refer to Window Functions.


PERCENTILE_DISC( <value> ) WITHIN GROUP ( ORDER BY <order_by> [ { ASC | DESC } ] ) [ OVER ( PARTITION BY <partition_by> ) ]


Parameter Description Supported input types
<value> A value between 0.0 and 1.0. DOUBLE PRECISION, REAL
<order_by> An expression used for the order by clause. Any numeric type
<partition_by> An expression used for the partition by clause. Any

Return Types

Same as the order by expression type.

This function ignores NULL values.


The example below returns the 70th percentile value per student, partitioned by the game level. The percentile value returned is a value from the data set.

	PERCENTILE_DISC(0.7) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY current_score) OVER (PARTITION BY level) AS percentile


nickname percentile
kennethpark 90
sabrina21 85
ymatthews 80
rileyjon 75