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Calculates the relative rank (cumulative distribution) of the current row in relation to other rows in the same partition within an ordered data set, as ( rank + number_of_peers - 1 ) / ( total_rows ) where rank is the current row’s rank within the partition, number_of_peers is the number of row values equal to the current row value (including the current row), and total_rows is the total number of rows in the partition. The return value ranges from 1/(total_rows) to 1.

See also PERCENT_RANK, which returns the relative rank of the current row within an ordered data set. For more information on usage, please refer to Window Functions.


CUME_DIST() OVER ( [ PARTITION BY <partition_by> ] ORDER BY <order_by> [ASC|DESC] )


Parameter Description Supported input types
<partition_by> The expression used for the PARTITION BY clause. Any
<order_by> The expression used in the ORDER BY clause. This parameter determines what value will be ranked. Any

Return Type


This function respects NULL values, and results will be ordered with default null ordering NULLS LAST unless otherwise specified in the ORDER BY clause.


The example below returns the cumulative distribution of player IDs for people in North America:

	nickname, playerid,
	CUME_DIST() OVER (PARTITION BY playerid ORDER BY playerid DESC) as cume_dist
WHERE location="North America";


nickname playerid cume_dist
kennethpark 90 0.16666666666666666
sabrina21 85 0.3333333333333333
rileyjon 80 0.5
burchdenise 79 0.6666666666666666