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Computes a new TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMPTZ value by adding or subtracting a specified number of time units from a DATE, TIMESTAMP, or TIMESTAMPTZ value. It’s similar to arithmetic with intervals, but it also allows using a column reference for the <quantity>.


DATE_ADD('<unit>', <quantity>, <expression>)


Parameter Description
<unit> A TEXT literal specifying the time unit. Must be one of microsecond,millisecond,second,minute,hour,day,week,month,quarter,year,decade,century, or millennium.
<quantity> An INT or BIGINT specifying how often the time unit should be added or subtracted to .
<expression> An expression evaluating to type DATE, TIMESTAMP, or TIMESTAMPTZ.

Return Types

TIMESTAMP if <expression> has type DATE or TIMESTAMP. TIMESTAMPTZ if <expression> has type TIMESTAMPTZ.


SELECT date_add('week', 4, '2024-04-15 12:13:14'::timestamp);

Returns: '2024-05-13 12:13:14'::timestamp.