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Converts data types into other data types based on the specified parameters. If the conversion cannot be performed, returns a NULL. To return an error message instead, use CAST.

TRY_CAST replaces only execution errors with NULLs. However, during planning, impossible casts between two non-castable types still produce an error because the query is invalid.


TRY_CAST(<value> AS <type>)


Parameter Description Supported input types
<value> The value to convert or an expression that results in a value to convert Any
<type> The target data type (case-insensitive) Any

Return Type

Returns NULL if the conversion cannot be performed. Otherwise, returns the data type of <type>.


The following example attempts to cast the level input as an integer:

SELECT TRY_CAST('1' AS INTEGER) as level, TRY_CAST('level 2' AS INTEGER) as current_level;

Returns: 1, null