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Release notes

Firebolt continuously releases updates so that you can benefit from the latest and most stable service. These updates might happen daily, but we aggregate release notes to cover a longer time period for easier reference. The most recent release notes from the latest version are below.

Firebolt might roll out releases in phases. New features and changes may not yet be available to all accounts on the release date shown.

DB version 3.31

February 2024

New features

PG compliant division

LQP2 has a new division operator that is PG compliant, by default.

Prevents usage of new line delimeter for schema inference

An error will now occur if schema inference is used with the option “delimiter” set to something other than the default.

Enhancements, changes and new integrations

Disabled Unix Time Functions

The following functions are not supported anymore: ‘from_unixtime’ ‘to_unix_timestamp’ ‘to_unix_time’

Simplified table protobuf representation

Unique constraints in tables will be blocked for new accounts.

Renamed spilled metrics columns

The columns spilled_bytes_uncompressed and spilled_bytes_compressed of information_schema.query_history have been replaced by a single column spilled_bytes. It contains the amount of data that was spilled to disk temporarily while executing the query.

Updated AWS billing error message

The error message for an AWS billing issue on Engine Start was on Engine Start was changed to add more information and clarity.

New requirements updated for EXPLAIN

For EXPLAIN queries, we now allow only one of the following options at the same time: ALL, LOGICAL, PHYSICAL, ANALYZE.EXPLAIN (ALL) now returns the plans in multiple rows instead of multiple columns.

Aggregating index placement

Aggregating index is now placed in the same namespace as tables and views.

Syntax and planner support for LATERAL scoping

LATERAL is now a reserved keyword. It must now be used within double-quotes when using it as an object identifier

Spilling Joins Processing

Firebolt can now process inner and outer joins that exceed the available main memory of the engine by spilling to the the SSD cache when needed. This happens transparently to the user. A query that made use of this capability will populate the spilled_bytes column in information_schema.query_history.

Resolved issues

  • Changed return for division by 0 from null to fail.
  • Updated error log for upload failure for clarity.
  • Fixed a bug in ‘unnest’ table function that occurred when not all of the ‘unnest’ columns were projected.
  • Changed the behavior of `split_part’ when an empty string is used as delimiter.
  • Fixed a bug where floating point values -0.0 and +0.0, as well as -nan and +nan were not considered equal in distributed queries.
  • ‘TRY_CAST’ from ‘TEXT’ to ‘NUMERIC’ now works as expected: if the value cannot be parsed as ‘NUMERIC’ it produces null.