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Firebolt .NET SDK


The Firebolt .NET SDK is a software development kit designed to facilitate the integration of Firebolt’s high-performance database capabilities into .NET applications. This SDK provides developers with the tools and interfaces needed to interact with Firebolt databases efficiently, enabling effective data manipulation and query execution.


Install the Firebolt .NET SDK by adding the NuGet package to your project. You can do this in several ways:

Via Package Manager Console

Install-Package FireboltNetSdk


dotnet add package FireboltNetSdk

Via PackageReference

Add the following line to your project file:

<PackageReference Include="FireboltNetSdk" Version="x.x.x" />

Make sure to replace x.x.x with the specific version you want to use.

Via Visual Studio UI

Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution and search for Firebolt

For more details and versioning information, please visit the NuGet Gallery.

Quick Start

Here’s a simple example to get started with the Firebolt .NET SDK:

using FireboltNetSdk;

public class Program
    public static async Task Main(string[] args)
        // Name of your Firebolt account
        string account = "my_firebolt_account";
        // Client credentials, that you want to use to connect
        string clientId = "my_client_id";
        string clientSecret = "my_client_secret";
        // Name of database and engine to connect to (Optional)
        string database = "my_database_name";
        string engine = "my_engine_name";
        // Construct a connection string using defined parameter
        string conn_string = $"account={account};clientid={clientId};clientsecret={clientSecret};database={database};engine={engine}";
        // Create a new connection using generated connection string
        using var conn = new FireboltConnection(conn_string);
        // Open a connection

        // First you would need to create a command
        var command = conn.CreateCommand();
        // ... and set the SQL query
        command.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM my_table";
        // Execute a SQL query and get a DB reader
        DbDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();
        // Optionally you can check whether the result set has rows
        Console.WriteLine($"Has rows: {reader.HasRows}");
        // Close the connection after all operations are done


For more detailed documentation, including API references and advanced usage, please refer to the README file in the repository.


For support, issues, or contributions, please refer to the repository’s issue tracker and contributing guidelines.


This SDK is released under Apache License 2.0. Please see the LICENSE file for more details.