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NUMERIC data type

This topic describes the Firebolt implementation of the NUMERIC data type.


The NUMERIC data type is an exact numeric data type defined by its precision (total number of digits) and scale (number of digits to the right of the decimal point).

NUMERIC has two optional input parameters: NUMERIC(precision, scale)

The maximum precision is 38. The scale value is bounded by the precision value (scale<=precision).

The precision must be positive, while the scale can be zero or positive.

The DECIMAL data type is a synonym to the NUMERIC data type.

Default values for precision and scale

If the scale is not specified when declaring a column of NUMERIC data type, then it defaults to NUMERIC(precision, min(9, precision))

If both the precision and scale are not specified, then it defaults to NUMERIC(38, 9)

Precision vs. scale

If the scale of a value to be stored is greater than the declared scale of the column, the system will round the value to the specified number of fractional digits. If the number of digits to the left of the decimal point exceeds the declared precision, minus the declared scale, an error results.

  SELECT CAST(100.76 AS NUMERIC(5,2)); -- 100.76
  SELECT CAST(100.76 AS NUMERIC(5,1)); -- 100.8
  SELECT(100.76 AS NUMERIC(3,1)); -- error

Type conversion

  1. P1≠P2 or S1≠S2 (casting required)

    Any operation between two decimals with different precision and/or scale requires explicit casting of the input to the desired precision and scale.

     f(NUMERIC(P1, S1), NUMERIC(P2, S2)) -> ERROR (P1P2 or S1S2) 

    where P1≠P2 or S1≠S2

  2. P1=P2 and S1=S2 (casting optional)

    If the two decimals have the same precision and scale, the result will implicitly cast to the same precision and scale. You can still explicitly cast to any other precision and scale.

     f(NUMERIC(P1, S1), NUMERIC(P1, S1)) -> NUMERIC(P1, S1))**

Supported functions