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Information schema for engine metrics history

You can use the information_schema.engine_metrics_history view to return information about the resource consumption of your engine. As engines can have 1 or more engine units that are transient, this provides visibilty into the utilization of each engine unit. Each rows represents the aggregate resource metrics for a single engine unit at the given event time. You can use a SELECT query to return the metrics for each engine unit at a given point in time as shown in the example below.

  where event_time > now() - INTERVAL '2 hours'

Columns in information_schema.engine_metrics_history

Each row has the following columns with information about each query in query history.

Column Name Data Type Description
engine_cluster TEXT engine cluster identifier
event_time TIMESTAMPTZ timestamp at which the metrics where collected
cpu_used DECIMAL current utilization (percentage)
memory_used DECIMAL current memory used (percentage)
disk_used DECIMAL currently used disk space which encompasses space used for cache and spilling (percentage)
cache_hit_ratio DECIMAL current SSD cache hit ratio
spilled_bytes BIGINT amount of spilled data to disk in bytes