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SQL functions

See a full function glossary, or find functions based on type from the list below.

  • Aggregation functions
    Perform a calculation across a set of rows, returning a single value.

  • Array functions
    Used for the manipulation and querying of ARRAY-type data, such as transforming and filtering. Includes Lambda functions.

  • Binary functions (Supported will be added in future release) Used for manipulation and querying of BYTEA-type data, such as encoding and decoding.

  • Conditional and miscellaneous functions
    Include various methods for modifying data types and applying conditional operations.

  • Date and time functions
    Manipulate date and time data types.

  • JSON functions
    Extract and transform JSON into Firebolt native types, or JSON sub-objects. Used either during the ELT process or applied to columns storing JSON objects as plain TEXT

  • Numerical functions
    Manipulate data types including INTEGER, BIGINT, DOUBLE PRECISION, and other numeric types

  • String functions
    Manipulate string data types

  • Window functions
    Perform a calculation across a specified set of table rows