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Returns a table with a row for each table in the current database, with columns containing information for each table as listed below.




The returned table has the following columns.

Column name Data Type Description
table_name TEXT The name of the table.
state TEXT The current table state.
table_type TEXT One of FACT, DIMENSION, or EXTERNAL.
column_count INTEGER The number of columns in the table.
primary_index TEXT An ordered array of the column names comprising the primary index definition, if applicable.
schema TEXT The text of the SQL statement that created the table.
number_of_rows INTEGER The number of rows in the table.
size DOUBLE PRECISION The compressed size of the table.
size_uncompressed DOUBLE PRECISION The uncompressed size of the table.
compression_ratio DOUBLE PRECISION The compression ratio (<size_uncompressed>/<size>).
number_of_tablets INTEGER The number of tablets comprising the table.


The following example returns information about tables in the database queried:

table_name state table_type column_count primary_index schema number_of_rows size size_uncompressed compression_ratio number_of_tablets
ex_games Valid EXTERNAL 1 “CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ““ex_games”” (““src”” text NOT NULL) "”OBJECT_PATTERN”” = ‘help_center_assets/firebolt_sample_dataset/games.json’ ““TYPE”” = (““JSON”” ““PARSE_AS_TEXT”” = ‘TRUE’) ““URL”” = ‘s3://firebolt-publishing-public/help_center_assets/firebolt_sample_dataset/’” 0 0.00 B 0.00 B 0 0